05th - 06th Oct 2018
05th - 06th Oct 2018


Spanish Slate Quarries Ltd | A19

SSQ Natural Slate is a family business established in London in 1980. Importing roofing material in excess of 60,000 tonnes from Spain every year, SSQ has established its name as a leading market player in the roofing industry in the UK & Ireland. The company’s roofing portfolio consists of an exclusive range of single sourced products from the most sought-after quarries in Spain.

Del Carmen® has been sold exclusively by SSQ for more than 25 years, offering consistent supply, traceability, strong branding and comprehensive technical support. With its distinctive faintly-rippled riven texture, deep blue-black colour and characteristic longitudinal grain appearance, Del Carmen® is recognised throughout Ireland as a suitable alternative to Welsh Slate given its technical credentials, approval by various conservation agencies and track record of proven performance.

Our other flagship product Riverstone® Phyllite comes from a quarry deep in central Argentina owned and operated by SSQ. There are there are only a few sources of phyllite stone available worldwide.

Harder, denser and stronger than slate, Riverstone natural phyllite has a slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster, making it the choice of the most discriminating architects across the world. Riverstone’s medium grey colour with the slightest hint of green will make your roof as breath taking as it is rare. On several occasions, Riverstone® has been accepted as an alternative to indigenous stone by various conservation agencies on grade II listed buildings and is welcomed in conservation areas.


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