9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin
9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin

FABRILum Luminaires go ‘Beyond Lighting’


FABRILum Luminaires go ‘Beyond Lighting'


Cooledge is not satisfied simply selling products that provide best-in-class illumination. Its new FABRILum collection – brought to the market by DesignLight – delivers the immersive illumination that is Cooledge’s advantage but goes “beyond lighting” to deliver so much more – unparalleled acoustic performance plus new architectural forms.

Beyond lighting… what does that mean?” How can luminaires be something more than lighting? Answer: when they solve two design problems with a single solution by delivering exceptional quality illumination on a scale that brings the feeling of the outdoors to interior spaces, and provides noise reduction capability that doesn’t require extra passive acoustic products (and extra cost).

FABRILum is true acoustic lighting. Unlike other approaches to acoustic lighting, Cooledge didn’t just fake it by wrapping existing lighting products in acoustic felt or bolting a standard light fixture to a passive panel and call it acoustic lighting: FABRILum is a purpose-built acoustic luminaire that doesn’t compromise on lighting performance or design, and performs on a par with the best acoustic solutions for reducing noise pollution in open spaces.

Whereas other acoustic luminaires tend to be some form of acoustic baffle with linear LEDs requiring a large number of additional non-illuminated baffles, FABRILum introduces a critical characteristic – absorption area. It is the combination of sound-absorbing materials and absorbing area that determines acoustic performance. FABRILum delivers both.

Immersive Illumination — Cooledge went beyond lighting, but didn’t forget about it. The large scale of FABRILum luminaires creates a feeling more akin to being outside under the canopy of light that is the sky. Just as importantly, these luminaires also deliver best in class light quality that includes CRI 93-96 and exceptional R-values combined with flicker-free, glare-free illumination that is dimmable to 0.1%. Cooledge refers to the result as “immersive illumination that goes beyond lighting… absolutely.”