9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin
9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin

Forbo Fast Fit flooring ….


Forbo’s Fast Fit flooring comes in tile, plank and sheet formats, is easy and quick to install, and is reusable.

A collection of genuinely adhesive free products, the Forbo Fast Fit range includes interior flooring and entrance products in tile, plank and sheet format for total flexibility. Fast Fit products are super quick to install and are reusable.

Quick – many of the products can be fitted over current floors and, as they don’t have to be fitted with adhesive, they can reduce installation time by more than 50%.

Easy – Fast Fit tile and plank products click or butt together quickly and easily. With no adhesive required, they are easier to install. No adhesive smells, commonly less dust disruption, and floors can be walkable immediately after installation.

Economical – With hospitals, retail outlets and call centres offering 24 hour service, a decrease in downtime can mean significant savings. There are potential savings on installation costs as no adhesive is required, while there are even greater savings when existing Fast Fit products are replaced with another.

Sustainable – Fast Fit products are easily removable without subfloor damage. The absence of adhesive residue also makes them ideal for reuse, helping to support the circular economy.

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