Friday CPD talks

Fridays Continuous Personal Development Talks

When you visit Architecture Expo you can also choose to attend any of the following CPD presentations on the Balcony (Pre-booking is not required)


11:00 AM

Daylight and the Human Response

by Lisa Rafferty-Gracey, Business Development Manager,



This CPD looks at the human response to daylight and the specification and installation of modular skylights to engineer and control daylight in buildings. It will help you to understand the following topics:


  • Why daylight, and ventilation, is important to the human condition and the negative impact that a lack of daylight can cause
  • The history of how skylights have helped to deliver light within buildings
  • How to specify and install modular skylights to deliver light in an efficient and sustainable way
  • How to engineer daylight for use in educational and other spaces
  • How we measure daylight and how this is changing


11:30 AM


13:00 PM


13:30 PM

 “Façade and Highrise building Design: Treating airtightness within the building envelope.”

This presentation discusses technically advanced façade design solutions using the Wraptite® self-adhered vapour permeable air barrier. The use of this system allows reduced air leakage to be achieved more easily, enabling these lower rates to be incorporated in SAP and SBEM calculations at the design stage. This boost to energy performance can enable reductions in building footprint, or allow for switching of insulation types while retaining element depths.


Topics covered in this CPD:

  • Exceeding current airtightness regulations and improving design values
  • Regulation compliance in high rise applications. Complies with use on buildings of high rise and over 18m under Part B amendments made in November 2018, Membranes need to be Class B,s3,d0 or better,  with Wraptite at Class B,s1,d0.
  • Less EPDM over complete envelope – limiting calorific values
  • Hygrothermal Modelling (WUFI) showing the difference of not using a VCL within some constructions benefits the building further.
  • Improving airtightness may allow you to change thickness or type of insulation used when modelled through SAP or SBEM.
  • Balancing Heat, Air and Moisture movement in the building envelope
  • Detail design for junctions and interfaces
  • BBA Certification and independent BRE testing and compliance statements


The A. Proctor Group’s range of specialist vapour and airtight membranes, combined with our extensive technical expertise and support throughout design and construction, ensure optimised building envelope designs can be easily implemented whatever the project requirements.


14:00 PM


14:30 PM