Innovative to fixing for photovoltaics  

Laydex Roofing Solutions will unveil the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system at Archirtecture & Building Expo, bringing an innovative change to the way in which photovoltaics are fixed to single-ply membrane. It is 100% secure, hot-air welded to the surface of the waterproofing with no additional ballast. It is suitable for all types of PV and solar thermal installations, both on flat and pitched roofs, and provides many additional benefits.

At present, in 90% of cases crystalline solar panels are fitted. These panels have the highest power output which makes them profitable even for smaller roof surfaces. The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system functions here as a base for the attachment of PV panels via an aluminium substructure. Such aluminium structures ensure that the crystalline panels can be installed either flat, or at a specific angle on the roof.

Increased efficiency may be achieved by applying the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system for crystalline photovoltaic elements with either brilliant white, high-reflectance RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT membrane, or high-reflective cool grey or cool ivory RENOLIT ALKORSMART roofing membranes. Productivity may be increased by 4% with PV panels and 9% with solar thermal.

Key benefits include lightweight but very strong; fully watertight; quick and easy to install; easy to maintain and surprisingly versatile.