Legislative changes dictate technological progress

Today’s house-building and renovating projects are not like those of some years ago, cultural and legislative changes now dictating the need for innovation and competitiveness. Ecological and safety concerns are taking their place beside the traditional economical and aesthetic interests and, as a player in the doors and windows market, Mestre Raposa International offers a unique combination of uncompromised quality and obsession with the little details.

Recognising the implementation of good materials alone is no longer sufficient, Mestre Raposa takes the manufacturing process a step forward to the point of selecting the inner components of every product it delivers to the exact requirements of the client. Rather than just presenting a door made out of fine materials, it makes sure that the locks, hinges and other hardware all work together, flawlessly and silently, to bring out the best characteristics of the material.

Having the required dimension for economies of scale Mestre Raposa is known in Portugal, Spain, Germany, and France, and now comes to Ireland. It offers a broad range of solutions suitable for individual homes and commercial projects alike, and at competitive prices