9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin
9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin

Passive EcoWall for best thermal efficiency


Tackling the embodied carbon blind-spot with Ecological Building Systems’ Passive EcoWall

Ecological Building Systems addresses the challenge of embodied carbon in construction with Passive EcoWall, a wall and roof build-up for timber frame construction. The concept employs specially-chosen materials with lower carbon emissions. The result is exceptional thermal efficiency that surpasses building regulations and achieves Passivhaus standards.

The core of the Passive EcoWall is its breathability. It features an innovative internal structural board, Superpan VapourStop, which is pre-fitted with a vapour control and airtightness layer. This simplifies on-site work, reduces installation time, and maintains a continuous internal airtight seal which offsets mould and condensation risk. As modern buildings become more sealed for improved airtightness, effective moisture management is vital, especially in damp climates.

Unlike conventional wall systems, Passive EcoWall also integrates an exterior insulation layer using Gutex woodfibre boards, protected by a Pro Clima breather membrane and seals. Gutex woodfibre offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation while remaining highly vapor-diffusion open. This facilitates rapid drying of structural elements, significantly mitigating condensation risk. For increased adaptability and lower U values, the system can also feature Hemp Flax, a hemp and jute-based insulation, or Thermafleece sheep’s wool within the service cavity.

Passive EcoWall has already yielded remarkable outcomes in Ireland, with the construction of nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), certified Passive Houses, and modular structures. By adopting such construction techniques, the industry can effectively address not only operational emissions but also embodied emissions, thus playing a pivotal role in Ireland’s sustainable building future.

To find out more visit Ecological Building Systems at stand D12 at this years Architecture + Building Expo!


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