Perfect solution to ‘Part M’ compliance

Ensuring compliance with Part M, covering the lighting of such areas as stairs, steps and disabled access ramps, has long posed a challenge for architects. Now there is a solution from Australia called the Planet LED Puck. Not only does it deliver a highly-effective illumination solution, it looks good and is also easy to install and maintain.
“The Planet LED Puck is small, sleek and versatile”, says Paul Tully of DesignLight. “This integrated handrail light transforms illumination for such specialist applications in both indoor and outdoor situations”.

Also on show from DesignLight will be the T-Bar LED. This revolutionary fitting allows architects take make ceilings look like ceilings again, while at the same time improving acoustic standards. It has enhanced product longevity and is structurally integrated into the T-Bar ceiling, effectively taking the place of the T-Bar. This means no void is required above the ceiling, facilitating easier coordination of other utilities.
This also allows for internal heights to be maximised and makes ceilings part of a clutter-free aesthetic. The result is an elegant, simple and fully transformative lighting design that has sometimes been difficult to achieve in the past.