Irish-made Altherm ICF the perfect solution


The future is in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, and industry leaders are advocating the use of new and innovative construction materials in order to meet the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Altherm ICF is one of the innovations created by the industry in direct response to the demand for change and aims to change the built environment. This Irish-made, NZEB-ready insulated concrete formwork system consists of two EPS panels spaced apart by high strength polypropylene webs. This system forms a fully-insulating, permanent shuttering mould into which concrete is poured. Its many advantages mean that ICF is becoming an increasingly popular choice across all kinds and size of build.

At less than 3.5kg each, the forms are a user-friendly system to build, with all of the related handling and safety benefits. Due to its innovative design, this increases speed of construction, reduces waste and meets the standards of the Building Regulations 2019 Part L — Conservation of Fuel and Energy.

The powerful combination of the patented, reversible interlock, EPS composition, innovative web design and web spacing result in a simple, strong framework system that requires less support during installation. The result is straight, flat and plumb walls and minimal wastage.

The response to Altherm ICF has been extremely positive. Richard Callaghan of Delphi Design Architects & Planners says that it’s a fast and efficient way to achieve a well-insulated structure, with extremely low thermal bridging at critical junctions.

“The benefits of Altherm ICF can be clearly seen on site”, says Trevor Coyle, Commercial Manager Altherm. “It is very lightweight, eliminates the need for heavy craneage, and significantly reduces the risk of personal injury. Also, the convenience of its all-in-one system lends itself to significantly shorter build times. Walls can be erected in any weather and programmes require minimal lead-time as the product can be delivered directly to site from Altherm’s manufacturing plant in Dublin.

“Looking to the future, we look forward to continually developing our product ranges and methods to assist the construction industry speedily and safely deliver low-energy, low-sound homes”.

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