Castleforms Insulated Construction Systems | E16

Castleforms Insulated Construction Systems | E16

Castleforms is a manufacturer of high Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulated products and construction systems in the new build and retrofit construction sector.

Castleforms utilities modern manufacturing equipment and production methods in the design and delivery of practical insulation solutions.

We provide the following key products to the Irish and UK construction markets.

-Swift Therm – Advanced Sub Structures
-Raft Therm – Advanced Raft Structures
-Soltherm -External Wall Insulation & Render system
-ICF Therm – Advanced ICF Structures

Swift Therm – is an advanced sub-stucture system that combines the fast construction and insulation of:
– the external and internal sub-structure walls.
– the ground floor slab and perimeter

Raft Therm – is an insulated foundation system used in the construction of residential homes and commercial buildings. Reduced cold bridging and exceptional U values as low as 0.1W/m²K are achieved by wrapping the sides and underneath of the concrete foundation and ground floor in a continuous layer of high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Soltherm – Castleforms is an approved distributor of the Soltherm external insulation and render system , which is NSAI certified.
In term of critical features such as impact resistance, algae resistance, durability and overall performance Soltherm systems are unbeatable.

ICF Therm – Insulaing Concrete Formwork (ICF) is an innovative, sustainable, high performance building systemd. Quote simply it allows fast construction of creative, flexible buildings with low running costs and a long life.

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