Ecocel was founded in Cork 2010 by John Egan. Ecocel produces cellulose insulation by reusing paper and treating it with inorganic salts added amazingly superior resistance to fire, mould and insects, vermin, and bat friendly. The result is an actual reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon negative because the material is carbon-negative more carbon is locked away than released in manufacture.

The product is multi award winning and Agrément certification cert number 07/0285 by and

B5EN 150-11925-2 BRE Fire tests were carried out over 6 times all negative results for fire, a surface exposure test over 30 seconds with flame tips did not each over 150mm above the application point and no occurrence’s of ignition of the filter paper, These being currently updated Ecocel is also used in acoustic partitions where party walls and sound has an impact.

Ecocel is a member of Irish Green Building Council, Passive House Assoc of Ireland
When asked why choose Ecocel as an insulation product?

Global Award winning Architect, Marc O’Riain is one of Ireland’s premier interior architecture Marc has completed a PhD in low energy building retrofit.

Marc responded that 
Health, air quality, thermal resistance and sustainability are the driving factors in the specification to ensure a building’s longevity and its inhabitants. Ecocel came top of the class in all these areas for an insulation product. As an advocate for sustainability, designing low energy buildings is a speciality that is de rigueur and ahead of current standards and building regulations.

Contact Details: 

Unit K8 Marina Commercial Park
Centre Park Road
Co. Cork
T: +353  (0)87 684 1531