Heat Pumps important role in meeting Building Regulations

As air to water heat pumps are playing an ever-more important role in meeting compliance under the Building Directives, Daikin is conducting a series of RIAI-certified CPD presentations designed to further architects and consulting engineers knowledge on heat pumps.

As part of this Daikin road show the company has presented special CPD seminars in the RIAI Headquarters in Merrion Square and, more recently, in Athlone and Limerick. These comprise two separate CPD programmes covering both air to water heat pumps for residential, and VRV heating and cooling solutions for commercial applications. All were very well attended with very positive feed back. 

Each CPD runs for approximately 45 min plus Q&A, and accrues CPD points. Daikin will come to architects’ and engineering practices’ own premises to present these.

On the broader educational front Daikin also presents free BER workshops on heat pumps, and dedicated programmes for BER assessors on compliance for heat pumps, filling in xml files and completing the heat pump calculation tool. This free workshop is run by Calin Tasnadi of Daikin who is himself a qualified BER Accessor. It runs for approximately one hour, plus Q&A.

As part of this general educational process on heat pumps and related compliance issues Calin — along with his Daikin colleagues — will be on hand at Architecture Expo to discuss further, and to arrange for CPD presentations.