9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin
9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin

Soprema – Sustainable construction and green roofs



Sustainable construction and green roofs


SOPREMA has always chosen to innovate, invest and anticipate the future while preserving the environment and its natural resources. These strong values are a part of the group’s DNA and are shared by all teams in all countries. One such value is the continued investment in sustainable system solutions.

Sopranature® systems are the perfect way to create sustainable green roofing solutions, promoting biodiversity, and enhancing access-ways and pedestrian areas.

Sopranature® systems are available in several versions to tailor the planting system to the needs, and contributes effectively to sustainable construction – it helps to save energy (thermal insulation), regulates temperature in the summer, improves landscape quality, promotes biodiversity, uses renewable products and plant species that need little water and fertiliser, limits the storm water run-off water into rainwater draining systems.

Offering extensive and intensive systems, Sopranature® adapts to each project, each climate and each type of building, both new and refurbished. These systems offer great flexibility of use and make it possible to meet the challenges of sustainable development. The diversity of Sopranature® solutions in terms of appearance, implementation and maintenance techniques enables both small and large surfaces to be vegetated. From a logistical point of view, Sopranature® adapts according to the surface of the site and the wide choice of plants and materials allows adaptation to different climatic conditions. In 30 years of experience, Sopranature® has also developed international know-how and offers specific solutions for different climatic zones.

SOPRANATURE SEDUM BLANKET is a high quality sedum blanket made out of a cocomat reinforced with a geotextile weave and a well balanced substrate containing at least 25 % recycled green waste.

The blanket has a pre grown vegetation covering consisting of nine different sedum varieties, produced in Ireland. The difference in variety ensures a good coverage for all different roof conditions. Depending on the season an attractive range of flowers and colours will be displayed,  perfectly blended to create the world’s hardest-wearing sedum blanket. A roof is a hostile environment compared to life on the ground.

For more information on the green roofing solutions and the range of services offered by Soprema, our technical experts can help with any you details need. e: technical@soprema.ie