Aquasun re-shaping ‘wellness’

Aquasun is Ireland’s leading supplier of hot tubs, endless pools, indoor and outdoor saunas, BBQ huts and log cabins. We represent the best brands in the industry; HotSpring hot tubs, Endless Pool swim machines, Endless Pool fitness systems and TyloHelo Swedish saunas.  

Wellness is a lifestyle choice and today, more people are actively taking care of their physical and mental health. Our products are no longer seen as a luxury item. A hot tub in the garden or on a balcony can deliver a serene place to switch off and relax. Soaking in warm water has a whole host of benefits, both for the body and mind.  

An endless pool provides the opportunity of having a professional swimming pool at home, without the space requirements or costs associated with a full-size pool. An endless pool offers plenty of low-impact exercise options including swimming, aqua aerobics, running and walking on the exclusively hydraulic-powered underwater treadmill.

Aquasun wants to help re-shape what a “wellness lifestyle” looks like in Ireland. By connecting with architects and builders during the early stages of design and planning, it can help create the perfect space for homeowners to enjoy and look after their health and fitness with absolute ease, in their own home. Our team of professionals will offer advice on design, product placement, installation provisions, etc at Archirtecture & Building Expo. We also supply complete CAD drawings and are available to carry out site visits.