Upgrade solution for timber windows

Is your projects in a conservation area or a listed building? Do you want to restore or upgrade timber windows but are restricted to using single glazing that the frames were originally designed for? IMC Glass has a double-glazed unit which will solve your problem and  fit into those traditional glazing rebates.

Standard double glazing consists of two glass panes usually, 16-20mm apart, and would have a sight-line of 12mm. These are usually filled with dry air or a standard window-grade gas such as argon. While thermally efficient this results in the unit sometimes being nearly 30mm thick

IMC’s Slim-Glaze uses the latest in thermal glass and warm edge technology to ensure the two panes are only 4mm apart. This is then filled with a heavy inert gas, either Krypton or Xenon, which gives maximum insulation properties that are far superior to argon gas which achieves a low U-value. The reduction of heat lost through the glass is up to 77% when compared to single glazing. Also, using IMC’s low-sight line perimeter bar ensures that the total sight-line is 7mm to 8mm.

Projects already completed include Queen’s University, Dublin National Art Gallery; Coolmore Stud Farm;

US Ambassador’s Residence; Dromoland Castle; Ashford Castle; Hillsborough Castle; Tulira Castle; Malone Exchange; and Rockhill House.