Magply chemistry beats ‘face value’ statements

Taking technical claims regarding board products at “face value” is imprudent and Magply will detail why, in addition to showcasing its unique capabilities and expanding list of accreditations, at Architecture & Building Expo.

Magply is widely specified as a substrate board for render finishes and as part of cladding build-ups, but is multi-functional. Crucially, unlike other MgO products, it has a low sulphate content to its chemistry which means it is not susceptible to the problems of sweating which have been documented in Denmark. Most recently the 9mm and 12mm versions of Magply have been awarded an Agrément certificate by Kiwa, confirming the all-round stability and durability of the product.

While its fire-resistant qualities have been verified by tests at Exova Warrington and make Magply ideal for use beneath torch-applied roofing membranes, the boards will also contribute racking strength to steel and timber-framed systems. Clients and contractors are additionally encouraged by Magply’s straightforward ease of cutting and fixing.

Architects or other specifiers with particular project requirements can be assured of useful guidance from IPP’s technical sales team at the show.