9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin
9-10 October 2024 | RDS | Dublin

‘Circle of Life’ at Architecture & Building Expo


In our previous ezine we outlined the enormity of the challenge facing Ireland, and indeed the world, because of the very tangible impact of global warming. Even the climate-change deniers are beginning to stand up and take notice, though perhaps only because of the massive increases in energy costs. Either way there is now general acceptance that the world is in crisis when it comes to energy supplies, energy usage and the need to generate energy by genuinely sustainable means.

Thankfully, virtually everyone within the AEC sector is way ahead of the curve in realising this. This is especially true of manufacturers serving the sector. In recent years in particular, they have invested millions and millions of euros to develop innovative product and system solutions that are energy efficient, sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions.

Of late they have also added circularity to these solutions. Responsible raw materials sourcing, coupled with extended lifecycle, product/component re-use and recycling, are now a priority for manufacturers and suppliers. The good news is that an abundance of these truly-sustainable solutions – from both global and local suppliers – will be on display at Architecture & Building Expo (see list below).

At the same time, architects, engineers, contractors and system designers are working tirelessly to deliver buildings – no matter what the usage – that meet the net zero objective. Architecture & Building Expo is the perfect forum for them to meet, engage and share their experiences.


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