Coatek glass coatings offer multiple solutions

With indoor climate control, well-being and comfort now very much to the fore in both residential and commercial buildings, Hugh Kenny of Coatek says Solar Control window film offers the perfect solution. By reflecting away the sun’s rays at the surface of the glass, it helps reduce solar gain and glare, and protects against UV damage. 

At the same time, the film still allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter the building (office or home), and so leads to a far more comfortable living/working environment. It also reduces air conditioning and heating costs by reducing the heat loss through the glazing,  and can be transparent or provide one-way privacy.

“Our other most popular film is our Privacy option”, says Hugh. “These films provide privacy between rooms/offices and can incorporate branding or any type of design manifestation to present a very professional finish. We work closely with architects, designers and end-user to design and create the perfect design for every single application..

“Meanwhile, our security/anti-shatter film is designed to reduce the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of breakage, and  it is also recommended by An Garda Siochana’s Crime Prevention Office to help protect both business and home owners from vandalism.

“When it comes to aesthetics, we also have quite a number of solutions. For instance, our wall and glazing graphics can transform working environments and we regularly work with design teams and clients to create something that is just right for them. Other popular products are our back-painted glass which can be painted in a range of colours , re-writable boards for meeting rooms, and even a re-writable film which can be applied to walls.

“Finally, our UV film reduces fading by up to 60% and is widely used in historical buildings, museums, shopfronts and houses where there 

furniture is susceptible to damage by the sun, while our CoverStyl material can be applied to practically any surface to give a completely new look.

“Talk to us at Architecture Expo about your particular project and, no matter what the challenge, we’ve got a solution”.