‘Universal Bathroom’ from Profilo Smart

What is a universal bathroom? This is a bathroom that is adaptable to each users’ unique needs equally, no matter age, size, build, gender or mobility. The concept was pioneered by Profilo Smart, a leading designer/manufacturer of innovative bathrooms for the healthcare and hospitality market, and delivers universal solutions without compromise on features, benefits, style, comfort or safety.

Accessible bathrooms are not just for one group of users but should be accessible to everyone. The Profilo Smart system and solution is based on a universal design and consists of both products and an integrated system. The system is based on Profile’s “Track & Cover”, which can be customized to blend into the aesthetics and finish of any bathroom. The products, ie the fixtures and fittings, hang off the “Track & Cover” and can be added, or removed, as per the individual needs of each user. The solution addresses the three key areas of the bathroom — toilet, washbasin and shower areas. 

The “Track & Cover ” can be finished in any colour or design, and LED strip lighting can also be added to provide night light or mood lighting. The products are fully adjustable horizontally or vertically when fitted, so the user can adjust for improved comfort. This also minimises the dependency on careers and helpers. Effectively, the bathroom can be adapted to the user rather than the user having to adapt to the facilities of the bathroom.

Looking to the future, Profilo Smart is currently working on bringing the same “universal” solutions concept to every living and working space. Learn more by visiting Stand No: C23 at Architecture Expo.