Flotex … a new language in floor covering

Flotex By STARCK collection is a collaboration between visionary creator Philippe Starck and Forbo Flooring Systems, which creates a new language in the perception of interior spaces and floor covering design.

Using high-definition digital printing techniques, Flotex By STARCK challenges tradition through unique patterns that play on scale and transition. The collection consists of three different design systems — Artist, Twilight and Vortex — all of which can be adapted to suit each individual project’s needs.

The pattern of each full design system stretches ten metres in width and is made up of four different two-metre-wide components: … a central design, a left and right transitional design border and a neutral, semi-plain texture design, which features a variety of accent colours. For smaller rooms, the components can be mixed and matched to create unique floor plans. 

Vortex is a system of elements that are designed to transform the way we look at a space and reflects the relationship between chaos and calm to provide balance and choice. The free-flowing, almost linear pattern is available in six distinctive highlight colourways.

Artist is a concept based on the transition of two textures that can be used individually or together with one colour fading into another. The pattern of the floor covering reflects those created on artists’ palettes, providing a visually engaging and distinctive look to differentiate the interior design of a building.

Twilight is a play on lights, shadows and colours. The design has two powerful and complementary sides; one jewel like, bright and light and the other a shadow of deep, dark and rich shades. They come together in a transition element that creates energy and impact, making a bold statement that can divide and link spaces simultaneously.

Chloe Taylor, Flotex Category Marketing Manager UK & Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, comments: “This new collection certainly challenges perceptions in terms of design. Each of the three systems will bring a new identity to a building and specifiers can choose to install the systems with all four components, or opt to use the components separately to create their own unique flooring design.”